Jenny of Midnight Owl Editors started editing for me in September 2018. As of this review, she has edited a total of ten manuscripts and proofread/line-edited one previously published title. I have been thankful for her expertise in grammar and positively blown-away by her ability to hone in on exactly what a plot needs to pull everything together. Jenny respects an individual author’s voice, perspective, and vision for their work, and her suggestions have helped me to pinpoint problem areas as well as expand upon plot lines that strengthened my storytelling. She even helped me through changing a major plot point that required some serious re-writes, helping me hit my deadline with a polished work rather than making do. I cannot imagine publishing a book without running it through Jenny at Midnight Owl Editors first. – Sally B.

I highly recommend Jenny’s editorial service to anyone who is struggling with their story or has the desire to make it better. I hired Jenny to help with my novel, and I wasn’t disappointed. She sent detailed, instructive, and encouraging notes to me in a timely manner. I was floored by how much she understood my characters and what my story needed. During our phone consultation, she opened my eyes to how to make my characters richer and deeper. She celebrated my story’s strengths while giving me concrete ideas on how to take my story to a completely new level. With a clear understanding of what my novel needs, I am more excited to write now than I have been in years thanks to Jenny’s care and insight and talent. Money well spent. Well worth it. Thank you, Jenny! –Michelle W.

Emily gave my book a second go-through after Jenny had already gone through it the first time. I wondered at first if I might be getting second-rate work (because I had loved Jenny’s edits), but Emily pleasantly surprised me with her work. She definitely knew how a story should work and how to help me make it excel…and I will be happy to have either of these ladies edit my books in the future. They both have a gift of lifting you up even as they help you see what is not quite the best about your story baby you love so much. But the way they go about this process makes you feel hopeful that you can rework your story to meet their higher expectations and standards. Emily is awesome! – Charissa S.

As a traditionally published novelist, I need editing that will meet the industry standards of my submissions that don’t cost a fortune or need to be booked six months in advance. Emily and Jenny hit all those marks and sweeten the experience by being considerate in their delivery and willing to talk through points of advice I need to be clarified. They are the perfect balance of skilled and kind. I highly recommend them for both beginning and experienced writers.  – Josi K.

I have used Jenny Proctor’s editing services for several different projects. Her ability to see the overall tone and theme of a work and bring it up to its full potential is second to none. She’s helped clean up and shine all messes I’ve handed to her, and I would trust her with any project. Her story sense is spot on, as is her attention to grammar and syntax. Editorial skill level: ninja. –Rachel L.

I loved the thorough edit that Jenny gave my book. She lists the positives and then goes through all the problem areas, and I loved her pages of insight to help me create the best book possible. She has a fantastic sense of what makes a story work and work well, and she was wonderful and easy to work with, and gave me a very professional edit that helped my story be the best it could be. I highly recommend her services and skills.  – Charissa S.

I recently had my WIP edited by Emily and at first I was nervous about how the process would go but Jenny and Emily were both very reassuring and the service was prompt, affordable, and so much more than I expected. Thanks to Emily’s feedback I now know how to make my story even better and I will absolutely be returning to them for services and recommend them to anyone who asks me for recommendations. – Jayme P.

I have used Jenny for my last seven projects, and I love her! She is always willing to hop on a call with me to work through sticky plot issues, and her feedback on story edits has improved my books significantly! I’m so glad to have her on my team. -Martha K.