Who We Are

Sisters. Best friends. Voracious readers. Enthusiastic editors.

Jenny Proctor

Jenny published her first novel in 2013 with publisher Covenant Communications and has been fully immersed in the writing and publishing industry ever since. She’s added five more novels and several novellas to the list, including the 2016 Whitney Award winner in the Romance category, Love at First Note. You can find more information about Jenny’s books at her website, www.jennyproctor.com.

Jenny lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, Josh, and a house full of children. Five of them, to be exact, though it used to be six; her oldest son had the nerve to grow up and leave home to do adult things like college and missionary work. A native of Western North Carolina, Jenny misses constant access to hiking trails and mountains to climb, but she’s learning to love life in the Lowcountry. She loves the massive oak trees that stay green all year, long afternoons at the beach, and the abundance of fresh seafood that makes Charleston’s restaurant scene so impressive. Jenny loves to eat but hates to cook, she loves adventure but hates leaving home. She loves books that make her feel, that are character-driven and emotionally evocative without being sappy; she believes well-written romance should make you sigh with delight, but should never make you roll your eyes. Jenny’s overabundant sense of optimism means that she always has too many things on her plate, and she never, ever gets enough sleep.

Two years ago, Jenny officially opened the digital doors of Jenny Proctor Edits. Six months later, she’d quadrupled her income and established a client list of more than seventy-five authors without spending a penny on advertising. Overwhelmed but anxious to continue serving the clients she’d grown to love, she hired the smartest editor she knew to work along side her; the business continued to grow and soon, Midnight Owl Editors was born.

Emily Poole

Emily has a bachelor’s degree in music from Brigham Young University. This makes it seem weird that she’s now an editor, but she taught herself how to read at age three, which has given her plenty of time to develop a critical eye and impeccable story sense. Emily was on Jeopardy! once. She knows the answer to almost everything. She’s really good at talking herself into the right answer in trivia contests and sounding extremely authoritative about all of it; even though she’s often right, she is also often making it up.

Emily loves to read. She reads in the bathtub. She reads while she’s drying her hair. She reads while she’s waiting on kids to have music or tennis lessons. She reads in the car and on airplanes and sometimes during movies and always in bed, late at night. She believes wholeheartedly that placebo sleep is a real thing: if you don’t know it is 3 AM when you finally turn off the light, it could be 11 PM, and that totally counts. All of this reading means that she has a deep understanding of what makes stories work, what makes characters believable, and how to polish prose into something that sings. When she’s reading for fun, she loves intricate plots with compelling characters and will literally read in any genre. If a book surprises her—and almost none do—she will champion it with a deep and abiding love usually only reserved for cute babies that aren’t hers, puppies that also aren’t hers, and God’s one perfect creation: peaches.

Emily lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, four children, and Lotte, the golden doodle who thinks she’s a person. In addition to her work as an editor, she plays viola professionally in most of the symphonies within a reasonable driving distance of her home, and is the practice manager for the medical office she and her husband own. Clearly, she doesn’t like sleep enough to say no to anything, but when she has free time, she loves to cook and bake, and lives for the time of year when her “food life” can start over again in the spring. She is a slow runner of half-marathons, she has inexplicably well-muscled shoulders, and her house is almost always filled with music, to which she dances poorly but with great enthusiasm.